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College student. Aspiring Illustrator. Art, friend's art, some stuff from my life and maybe other misc. things that are cool. Mostly art. I like to draw a lot of things and I like to draw different things.
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La Maupin - Acrylic on Wooden Skateboard

A project where we had to design a skateboard depicting a ‘legendary figure’. Mine was Julie D’Aubigny or La Maupin, an 18th century French opera singer/fencer/scalawag/bisexual lover extraordinaire. She injured/killed around ten men in her lifetime, burned down a convent and kidnapped the nun she was banging and retired as an opera singer after she got the police off her back. AND THIS WAS THE 1700s YOU GUIZ. That’s pretty damn impressive. 

So is this board. :D It’s mostly an all-nighter’s worth of work but I’m pretty damn happy with how it turned out in the end. I love how she and the nuns came out, though the men are varying(they were the last thing I did). That guy with the sword is super kawaii desu in a bad way. And the rest are all ugly in their own special ways. The dead guys look better. XD

Yo! This was featured in an article on the Daily Dot~